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Rhino Awareness & Protection Safaris

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Rhino Awareness & Protection Safaris

The Rhino Camp & Awareness program is a nature and wildlife project in Kenya for everybody who is interested in learning more about African wildlife and the problems of Rhino Horn and Ivory trade.

The camp is a combination of wildlife education, rhino conservation and sustainable tourism.

We mainly visit private conservation areas, national parks and reserves off the beaten tourist track while experiencing the most breathtaking landscapes. You will have the chance to encounter the ‘Big Five’ – Rhinos, Elephants, Buffalos, Lions and Leopards – up close!

Join us on a journey to one of the best places in the world to observe white and black rhinos.

On this web page we want to share our ideas and visions with you, and offer solution what can “YOU DO” to assist in Conservation.

The Program includes lectures and field trips with the Rhino Biologist Dr. Felix Patton.

The Safaris:

Big Awareness & Big Five Safari (14 days) Read More…

Small Awareness & Big Five Safari (6 days) Read More…

The Highlights:

  • Intensive Rhino & Elephant Observation
  • Rhino Workshops with Dr. Felix Patten
  • Participation in our Rhino Awareness & Protection Project Observation of the 3 excisting african Rhino Species
  • 500 Euro of the rate is going directly into the Rhino Awareness Project Extention Safari available with Elephant & Big Five Program. See Details here.
  • tour guided by experienced biologists and driver guides
  • see the magiv big seven during this Safari