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Rhino Awareness & Protection

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Rhino Awareness

  • 59 rhinos poached in 2013
  • 20¬†rhinos poached in 2014 in the first 3 month

Therefore we decided to start a Rhino awareness program.

On this web page we want to share our ideas and visions with you, and offer solution what can “YOU DO” to assist in Conservation.

During ITB Berlin 2014 Maisha Wirth was declared the Ambassador for Rhino Awareness. We believe that we have to educate the next
generation about the wildlife and the problems of poaching. Maisha will run some programs and activities that are designed for children
and families.

As this program is new we are still working on this website.

For informations call 00254 – (0) 711 585495

Rhino Awareness - Kenya

"Soon this world will be without the Big Five! Therefore we decided to start a Rhino Awareness program."

Rhino Awareness - Kenya
Rhino Awareness - Kenya

Our ideas for solutions what can be done to foght poaching “Before the shoot”:

1. Hire Teachers

We want to hire teachers who will teach regularly about Rhinos and the Big Five. These teachers will visit the schools in the vicinity of protection areas. The teacher will teach every day in a different school.

2. Sponsorship

We want the take individual classes sponsorship for the individual Rhinos. The children will visit regularly the protected areas as part of the project.

3. Naming Rhinos

The school Childres will be able to choose names for each new born Rhino. This will create an emotional connection. The Open Day is intended to be a key experience.

4. Awareness Tax

We would like to introduce a voluntary Awareness tax. This tax should be clearly seen in the tour price for customers. We, as operators of hotels, lodges or safari company will pay a certain amount too. This money will be used as an extra payment for the Rangers, to be paid in addition to their income, to show the Rangers, it's worth to protect the animals and curb corruption.

5. Track Down Poachers

We want to promote the development of technical possibilities to track down the poachers before they kill the animals. For instance drones and satellite monitoring would be the best option since the Rangers usually find the animals long after they have been attacjed and dead.

6. Tour Operators

We want to motivate international tour operators to donate a certain amount of eacht sold safari. The tour operator can use this action as an advertisment medium. He should motivate as much people as possible to travel to Kenya. Only if we welcome as many people as possible to travel to Africa and see the Big Five we will get enough funds to involve the local people and make them responsible for the welfare of Rhinos and the other Big Five.


What Can You Do?

What can you do?

  1. Do not buy any products made from Ivory and Rhino Horn
  2. Report everybody you meet that offers you such items
  3. Travel to Africa and support sustainable operations that do Conservation and Community work. Click here .
  4. Do not travel to Country that do allow Rhino Trade